# Opportunities for Students

This page highlights additional opportunities for students outside the classroom.

# Work Opportunities

# Tutoring

If you are a student who has done well in your courses, you may consider applying to become a tutor via the Academic Success Center (ASC). A tutor is a paid (hourly) position. For more details, find details and an application on the ASC's tutoring page (opens new window).

# Grader

Some, but not all, instructors utilize graders aside from any graduate assistants and/or lab instructors assigned to them. A grader is a paid (hourly) position. Those interested in becoming graders should contact the faculty member whom they want to grade for.

# Lab Instructor

Lab instructors for CS 135 are typically upper level undergraduates who have completed CS 135, CS 202, and CS 302. A lab instructor is a paid (hourly) position. For more information on becoming a lab instructor, contact [REDACTED]

# Graduate Assistant

If you are pursuing a masters or doctoral degree and are interested in becoming a graduate assistant, please visit the UNLV Graduate Assistant website (opens new window) for more details. A graduate assistant is a paid (stipend) position.

# Other Opportunities

# Competition Programming

The UNLV chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) competes in the International Collegiate Programming Competition (ICPC) annually. For more details visit theUNLV ACM website (opens new window).

# Student Organizations

Some relevant student organizations for those in CS include:

# Undergraduate Research