# Frequently Asked Questions

# Accounts

  • Q: Why isn't my password working?
    • Answer: Make sure you are trying to log in with the correct username (the first part of your rebel email, all lowercase). If you cannot log in, reset your password here (opens new window) and look for an email from cs_labs@unlv.edu containing your account credentials. After you receive this, you should now be able to log into your password.

# Servers

  • Q: Why am I getting a "Connection Refused" error when I try and log in from home?

    • Answer: Our servers use Fail2Ban (opens new window) to reduce attempts at gaining unauthorizd access to our systems. See if you are able to log in to one of the other servers (bobby, sally, cardiac, java). Most bans only last 10 minutes, but a large number of failed attempts from a single IP Address can result in a longer ban. If you believe this has happened, please contact the System Administrator.
  • Q: Where can I find a list of programs and versions that are installed on the servers/lab computers?

    • Answer: This list will be available as part of the Lab Upgrade as mentioned below.

# Labs

  • Q: When logged in to multiple lab machines, [X] program stops working/has bugs. Why?

    • Answer: When logging in to a lab machine, your home directory is mounted from our main file server. This allows you to access the same files in B361 that are on bobby, cardiac, etc. You can also setup .bashrc and .vimrc files, so your environment stays the same no matter which system you are using. Some programs, like Firefox, save metadata to these directories including file locks and PID numbers. When one system is running Firefox and you log in to another system and attempt to start Firefox, the second system will see these files created by the first. It will see a PID corresponding to the process on the first system, and attempt to switch to that process. Since the process doesn't exist on the second system, the net effect is that nothing happens. To prevent this, please avoid being logged in to multiple lab machines at the same time.
  • Q: Why is my print job to Ponderosa not printing?

    • Answer: Some file formats cause errors or take a long time to spool in ponderosa's print queue. Your print job might be taking longer because you or another print job ahead of you meets these conditions. Please run lpq, but be aware that even if your print job doesn't show up here and hasn't been printed, Ponderosa may still be in the process of printing it. Please contact the System Administrator for all printing problems. DO NOT RESET OR OPEN THE PRINTER
  • Q: Can I move paper from one of the printers to another?

    • Answer: NO. The printers use different weights of paper, and use of the other type of paper WILL cause paper jams. Also, the System Administrator will know exactly who you are, so please refrain from doing so.
  • Q: The Wi-Fi in B346 is terrible.

    • Answer: While not exactly a question, it's true. OIT maintains all wireless access points and their policy is available here (opens new window).