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Linux and Windows computers in TBE B-361 can print to the student printer, Ponderosa, which is along the south wall of the TBE B-361 lab. There is another printer in TBE B-361 but it is allocated for faculty & staff usage.

Printing in Linux

To print from a terminal (shell / command prompt):

  • To print to the default printer, type lpr filename
  • To print to a different printer, type lpr -Pprintername filename
  • To check your default printer and list the current print jobs, type lpq
    • The first line of the output of lpq shows your default printer

You can print when logged on remotely from any location so long as you are logged into bobby, cardiac, or java.

Printing in Windows

All print menus should work. To check your default printer, go to Start -> Printers and Faxes and see which printer has a check mark.

Print quota

Students with CS accounts receive 100 free pages of printing. Additional pages can be purchased for $0.03 per page in whole dollar amounts (RebelCard not accepted). To purchase additional pages, please visit the system administrator.

Check your current print quota here