CS Lab 2.0

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Devtoolset-8 has been installed on bobby. For more information see here.

This page details changes to CS Systems and Labs. Since all operating systems will be receiving major version upgrades, I'm calling this CS Lab 2.0.


  • Problems and requests should be made by creating a ticket with our Help Desk system.
How to make a ticket
If you have internet access on UNLV's network Visit http://fixit.egr.unlv.edu/
If you cannot access UNLV's network E-mail cs_help@unlv.edu
  • Old accounts are being cleaned up.
    • CS Undergrad accounts will be deactivated if you have not taken a CS class in the last year.
    • An e-mail will be sent to the associated Rebelmail account 1 month prior as a reminder to move any data from CS systems.
    • Any data associated with a deactivated account will be deleted 2 weeks after account deactivation. If the System_administrator has not granted an exception by then, the data will be GONE


  • The lab computers will be receiving OS upgrades in the following order as they are ready to be deployed
    • CentOS 7 (Available on all lab computers)
    • Windows 10 (Available on all except back row of 2)
    • Ubuntu 16 (TBD)


  • This lab is temporarily being used as a classrom. iMacs will be available for Spring 2019 semester.