CS Lab 2.0

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This page details changes to CS Systems and Labs. Since all operating systems will be receiving major version upgrades, I'm calling this CS Lab 2.0.


  • Problems and requests should be made by creating a ticket with our Help Desk system.
How to make a ticket
If you have internet access on UNLV's network Visit http://fixit.egr.unlv.edu/
If you cannot access UNLV's network E-mail cs_help@unlv.edu
  • Old accounts are being cleaned up.
    • CS Undergrad accounts will be deactivated if you have not taken a CS class in the last year.
    • An e-mail will be sent to the associated Rebelmail account 1 month prior as a reminder to move any data from CS systems.
    • Any data associated with a deactivated account will be deleted 2 weeks after account deactivation. If the System_administrator has not granted an exception by then, the data will be GONE


  • The lab computers will be receiving OS upgrades in the following order as they are ready to be deployed
    • CentOS 7 (Available on all lab computers)
    • Windows 10 (Available on all except back row of 2)
    • Ubuntu 16 (TBD)


  • This lab is temporarily being used as a classrom. iMacs will be available for Spring 2019 semester.