LINUX Command Guide For UNLV  Computer Science LINUX systems
Electronic Mail
The basic mail commands
Send a mail message mail
mail -s "sub" < file
Receive a mail message To setup an email client to read
engineering account email look in:
File Operations
Display file more filename
less filename
Rename a file mv oldname newname
Delete files rm filename
List file attributes
List hidden file attributes
(files beginning with ".")
ls -l filename
ls -al filename
Edit files emacs filename
vi filename
Learn to use vi
Learn to use emacs
Learn to use man
vimtutor or  man vi 
man emacs
man man
Directory Operations
List contents of  current directory ls
List contents of directories ls directory_name
Create directories mkdir directory_name
Rename a directory mv oldname newname
Delete directories rmdir directory_name
Delete a directory tree rm -rf directory_name
(WARNING this will delete ALL  files; that means directories too!)
Change working directory cd directory_name
Print the name of working directory pwd
Return to your home directory cd
Change to left directory cd ..
I/O Redirection and Pipe
(cmd- command)
Standard output to file cmd > filename
Standard input from file cmd < filename
Standard output to append to file cmd >> filename
Output of cmd_one is input of cmd_two cmd_one | cmd_two

Copyright 1999 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Refcard format designed by Stephen Gildea.
UNIX recard by Jeff Gilbreth & Jay Nietling, January 1999 v$id$
Modified for Programming Contest by Steve Lumos
Modified for Computer Science Lab Linux Command Guide  by Yazmin Martinez 2002
Shell Filename Globbing
Match one character  ?
Match anything *
Match a character class [c..]
Match a character class [c-c]
My home directory ~    (tilde)
Some user's home directory ~user
Online Documentation
Search the manuals for a keyword man -k keyword
Display a manual page for a topic man topic
Display a topic's help message topic --help
Display a simple topic description whatis topic
Display the path of a program which program
Search whatis database for topic apropos topic
Printing Files
Print to default printer lpr filename
List the print queue for default printer lpq
Print to another printer lpr -Pprinter filename
List the print queue for another printer lpq -Pprinter
Remove job from the print queue  lprm    job#
Remove all  jobs from print queue lprm -a 
Display your print quota pquota
Remote Access
The basic ssh commands
Connect to a remote machine ssh
Connect as a different user ssh
Compile a C program gcc program1.c
Compile a C++ program g++ program1.cpp
Execute your compiled program1 ./a.out
Compile a Java program javac
Execute a Java program java program1
Change to BASH shell temporarily bash
Change to CSH shell temporarily csh
Change your PATH in bash PATH=/dir-path/:$PATH
(Put command in .bashrc file in home directory for permanent changes)
Change your PATH in csh setenv PATH "/dir-path/:${PATH}" 
(Put command in .cshrc file in home directory for permanent changes)
Make a typescript of a terminal session script  filename

WARNING! - Modify your path at own risk in ".bashrc" or ".cshrc".
Modifying your path improperly may cause login problems.
Permission is granted to make and distribute copies of this card provided
the copyright notice and this permission notice are preserved on all copies.