The Linux and Windows Operating Systems can print to the student printer:  Ponderosa (located in B361).
NOTE: Each semester your account is credited with 100 free pages.
Additional pages can be purchased for $0.03 per page in whole dollar amounts. To purchase additional pages, see John Kowalski in TBE B378E.

Print Quota Information
Please fill in the following information, and press Submit:
RebelMail Name 
Press this button to submit this request:.

To print from a terminal (command prompt):

  • To print use the lpr command and the filename. This prints to the default printer.
prompt# lpr filename
  • This command prints to a chosen printer.
prompt# lpr -Pprintername filename 

Check default printer & Queue (list print jobs):

  • To check which is your default printer.
  • The first line will say which printer is the default.
prompt# lpq

For more useful commands print your own copy of our new LINUX COMMAND REFRENCE sheet. especially made for linux users in B361 

All of the print menus should work.

To check your default printer
    open: Start -> Printers and Faxes and see which printer has a check mark


 Department of Computer Science
 Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering